PC Optimization

pc optimization services

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PC Information Checking
Check and display your computer hardware information and configuration.
PC Performance Checking
Check your system performance and hardware and network settings.
PC Stability Checking
Check your computer stability by scanning your Windows, registry and application errors.
PC Security Checking and Fixing
Check and fix issues which may threat your computer security.
Redundancy Cleaner
Clean your computer’s unnecessary and useless registry entries.
Privacy Protector
Clean activity traces of hard disk private data.
Trace Cleaner
Clean Windows and Internet activity tracks and computer activity traces.
Junk File Cleaner
Scan and clean up the junk files on your computer to provide more space to run other applications better and faster.
Shortcut Cleaner
Clean invalid shortcuts to make daily use of your computer more convenient.
Unstable issues Remover
Remove your computer’s unstable tracks and unsecure traces.
Application Manager
Remove pop-up, adware & spyware and unwanted applications to ensure safe computer using environment.
System Optimizer
Optimize the system settings and speed up your computer.
Network Optimizer 
Automatically adjust your network setting and maximize your network speed.
Startup Manager
Startup Manager can easily customize and manage your startup programs and optimize your computer startup time.
System Service Optimizer
Optimize system service and release more resources for Windows and software running.
Error Utility 
Scan and fix your Windows system errors, protect your system from crashing,freezing and blue screen problems.
Undo Changes
Create a backup for all the changes TuneUp360 made on your computer for any possible restoration.

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