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Computer viruses can completely ruin your computing experience. The possibility of getting infected becomes high whenever you browse the internet. Even when you are offline, your computer can get a virus through external storage devices. It is therefore essential that you have a reputed name at hand to defend your computer against virus attacks. And when it comes to popularity and reputation, there are very few names that match up to your expectations.

Antivirus Provides Protection Against:

* Virus
* Malware
* Spyware
* Trojan
* Rootkit
* Online Web Protection
* Online Identity Theft
* Spam Email

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Antivirus Protection  Features :

* Diagnose cause of virus &problems faced by you by viruses
* Remotely install patches to remove the virus that affect your PC
* Help you take backups of valuable data &install Antivirus Software
* Fix virus issues which occur while you work on your PC
* Recommend antivirus software to prevent data loss and improve productivity
* Complete protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, and new viruses as they are released
* Protection from web-based malware and data theft
* Protection for your web browsers against malicious applications and infected websites
* Protection from viruses in external devices like USB drives
* Protection of mail boxes by scanning incoming POP3 email and Outlook folders

PC Maintenance  Support Certified Techies will help you improve the performance of your computer
by optimizing it and then, by keeping necessary applications regularly updated.

It includes the following :

    • * Security Updates and Install.
      *Operating System Updates.
      * Virus, Malware, Spyware Scan & Removal.
      * Junk And Disk Cleanup.
      * Disabling Unwanted Services.
      * Deleting Temporary and Log Files.
      * Disabling Unnecessary Startup Programs.
      * Disk Fragmentation.

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