PcTech7 is one of the online tech help administration suppliers in USA and Australia. We give help benefits specifically to purchasers and small organizations over an extensive variety of technical challenges. PcTech7 key deliverables are working frameworks help, programming help, touch following, peripherals, and arrangement. PcTech7 acts as a free alternate gathering tech help administration supplier and is a well-known element in the business methodology outsourcing (BPO).

PcTech7 conveys on-interest help benefits on “MY TECH MY WAY” stage, where clients are given help and administrations according to their requirement. PcTech7s influences the worldwide smoothness and pool of prepared experts to give Shopper Help Administrations through a multi-distinguishing offering conveyance show that touches upon the singular PC help necessities of every client.


Features of our support services are:

1. Annual PC Support.
2. 24×7 Voice and Premium Support
3. Instant Diagnose & Repair with our Security Software
4. Experienced Technicians to Assist
5. Complete Software Support with Highest Customer Resolution Rate
6. Free PC Health Checkup
7. Safe, Secure & Easy Online Data Backup